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Five Million Step Challenge

Hi Everyone,

We had the credit union's annual group pictures taken the other day.  I stand in the middle.  When the picture came back I was horrified to see my resemblence to an aircraft carrier.  So we've begun a walking program here at the credit union called the five million step challenge.  Back in 2002 I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail.  It takes about 5 million steps to hike the entire trail.  I did it in 156 days.  We gave all of our employees a pedometer and on a volunteer basis we're keeping track of our steps.  Our goal is to get to 5 million steps in less than 156 days.  For every day we're under 156 each participating employee will get a dollar.  The first week was a smashing success.  We walked over a million steps as a group.  I'll keep you posted on our progress.  Happy Trails.



One Big Step Closer

Hi Everyone,

We got a big step closer on the kitchen yesterday.  The granite backsplashes and the plumbing was installed.  Luda and I looked and looked for tile that we thought would go good on the back splash but we never found anything we really liked.  We decided to go with a full granite backsplash.  I'm so glad we did.  The effect in our kitchen is absolutely stunning.  And I want to commend and highly recommend Fairfax Marble and Granite.  The sales person we had was Mark Luecht.  Mark was incredibly patient as we ask all of the questions people normally ask when they are doing granite for the first time.  Last night the guys doing the cutting made a mistake on one of the cuts for electrical outlets.  Instead of telling us they'd have to wait till tomorrow or next week the company had another piece of granit delivered all the way from Chantilly.  It was pizza all around I was so impressed.  If you're in the Washington, DC area and are in the market for granite I would highly recommend Mark and Fairfax Marble and Granite.  The faucet we decided on is from Allora.  It's really cool in that it is goosenecked and has a hose at the very end.  The sink we have is super deep.  Between the gooseneck faucet and the deep sink I'll easily be able to wash 10 quart stock pots when saucing season comes around next fall.  And the water filter is from Aquasana.  I've been part of their water for life program for a number of years.  For eight bucks a month they send me a new set of water filters every month and if anything ever breaks in the system they send you a new part no questions asked.  All you pay is shipping.  I've had a part or two break because of operator error and they're always great about getting new parts out very quickly.  Last night we just sat and stared at our kitchen.  We're so happy with how it is turning out.  Next stop, Thursday and finish up of the electrical. 










Hi Everyone,

Yesterday the granite countertops and the appliances were installed.  The appliances were kind of installed I should say.  Because of confusion about the plug, whether it should be three or four wire, the electrical part of the range does not work yet.  I'll be using the stovetop sans electronic ingition, this weekend.  Last night I cooked oatmeal for everyone.  (It was all I could find in the boxes we packed from the old kitchen into the basement.)  I singed the hair off my knuckles lighting the burner.  What fun.  This morning I stood in the new kitchen looking at how all the pieces fit together.  I looked closely at the range and I imagined the possibilities.  I can hardly wait.  Next Tuesday the granite backsplash and the plumbing is installed.  Then on Thursday the electicians will finish their work.  Then let the cooking begin!  Enjoy your weekend.  Happy Halloween!!


Great Brisket

Hi Everyone,

We were hungry coming home from Philadelphia yesterday.  I saw a sign for KFC and said let's try their new grilled chicken.  I got lost, (surprise, surprise) and came across this little barbeque pit Durham's Best Barbeque.  It smelled delightful when I went inside.  I asked what was good and left with three beef brisket sandwiches.  They were incredible, maybe the best brisket I've ever eaten.  Moist and melt in your mouth.  Their sweet sauce is what I took for the sandwiches.  It was equally yummy, tasted like it had a molasses base.  Here's their address: 90 Fletchwood Rd Elkton, MD 21921.  If you're ever headed to Philadelphia or coming back to Washington Google this place pre-trip and have a visit.  You'll be glad you did because you'll never eat better brisket.  They're closed on Sundays. 







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